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A Beginner's Guide to Mushroom Coffee

Whether a daily occurrence or simply on occasion, coffee is one of the most popular beverages enjoyed by many across the globe.

Superfoods have exploded in recent years, none more so than 2020. The pandemic has made us all scrutinise the way we live our lives and even encouraged some of us to incorporate foods into our diets that offer natural health and immunity benefits. As superfoods are said to contain a high vitamin and mineral count, it comes as no surprise that they are being used in a variety of food and drink products, including coffee!

One superfood, in particular, has found its way into the popular beverage, and that's mushrooms.
A recent study stated that there’s been a huge increase in both public and scientific interest in the powers of mushrooms. It's only natural to ask yourself: why is everyone drinking it? Well, to help guide you through the myriad of mushroom-related questions, our experts at Cheerful Buddha have compiled these to help you make the right decision.

What is mushroom coffee?

All mushrooms, including chestnut, button, and portobello, are great additions to any diet. However, those used in coffee blends are classed as "functional mushrooms". There are a variety of different mushroom coffees on the market blended from different types of functional fungi. Some of the most popular include the following: Chaga, lion's mane, cordyceps, and reishi. But, you don't just chuck them into a cup of coffee and call it mushroom coffee, thankfully! They must go through an extraction, drying, and grounding process before being blended with coffee beans. Much more delicious that way!

Is mushroom coffee healthy?
Mushrooms themselves have been used in medicine to prevent and treat illnesses for centuries. Adding them to our coffee was the logical step forward. Our two blends, consisting of Chaga Mushroom Coffee Blend and Lion's Mane Coffee Blend, are nutrient-dense and packed with goodness!
The Chaga mushroom has its roots in ancient wellness traditions and is still used for its medicinal purposes in the Eastern parts of the world. Chaga mushrooms are said to boost immunity and overall health and wellbeing.

Lion's Mane - which actually resembles a lion's mane - was traditionally a Chinese medicine used for centuries. Its recent prominence in Western countries is no surprise due to its abundance of health benefits including improvements to the immune system and boosting brain function.

To create our blends, we also decided to include organic MCT Coconut Oil which is a superfood in its own rights. The more, the merrier! 

Swapping out your regular cup of coffee for a nutrient-dense blend is a no brainer.

What does Mushroom Coffee taste like?

Even if you love mushrooms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you probably don't fancy drinking a cup of them. Don't worry, it doesn't taste as it sounds. Coffee and mushrooms may sound like an unusual combination, but it works. Fundamentally, coffee beans are blended with mushroom extracts, meaning mushroom coffee tastes similar to regular coffee rather than that typical mushroomy taste. However, the taste is all down to the type of mushrooms and coffee beans blended together so be sure to choose a high-quality coffee. Both of our mushrooms blends - Chaga Mushroom Coffee Blend and Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee Blend - are blended with our sustainably sourced, premium, 100% arabica Colombian coffee beans to create the perfect beverage.

Mushroom Coffee with Cheerful Buddha

With both key ingredients of our mushroom blends being 100% organic, their antioxidant qualities are not to be missed. You can explore more of our superfood coffees!

If you're still a little uncertain, or just want to have a chat about the goodness that is mushroom coffee, get in touch with us.

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