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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Drinks

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to its myriad health and wellbeing benefits. With CBD-infused chocolate bars, oral drops, and drinks amongst the best ways to consume the ingredient, you might be wondering which to go for. To help you decide, here’s our ultimate guide to CBD drinks — they’re tasty, effective, and easy to add to your daily routine.

How do CBD infused drinks enter the body?

Ingesting CBD through food or drink is a great way to benefit from it. Vaping or taking CBD oral drops is a quicker way to get CBD into the bloodstream. However, drinking CBD-infused beverages means the cannabinoids enter your digestive system and stay in your body for longer. You can benefit from them for around 12 hours. In contrast, vaped CBD only stays in your system for around two hours, and oral drops under the tongue remain for around six to eight hours.

Bioavailability of CBD drinks

Bioavailability refers to how many milligrams of CBD make it into your bloodstream. CBD drinks tend to have a lower bioavailability than drops. However, this means you can gradually increase the accumulation by drinking CBD infused coffee or other beverages regularly.

What kind of CBD drinks are there?

CBD oil is a versatile ingredient. You can add it to a range of edibles, including chocolate. It also works beautifully in drinks. Here are a few variations to try:

CBD Coffee

If you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee but want to feel energised without the caffeine jitters, CBD coffee is ideal. Our coffee is infused with hemp-derived CBD carried in MCT coconut during the roasting process. With 100mg of CBD per 100g of ground coffee, it’s revitalising without becoming too overpowering. We also offer a decaf option if you want to wind down in the evening.

CBD Soft drinks

If you fancy something cooler, there are plenty of soft drinks infused with CBD. From juices and botanical infusions to flavoured water, there are lots of options on the market.

Adding CBD drops to drinks

You can also prepare your own CBD drinks at home by adding drops to smoothies, tea, or milkshakes. At Cheerful Buddha, we have a range of different flavoured drops so you can find the perfect one to complement your beverage of choice.

For instance, our Chocolate & Hazelnut CBD Drops can add a luxurious richness to breakfast smoothies. And with three different percentage options (3%, 5%, and 10%), you can monitor how much CBD you ingest.

How will CBD drinks make me feel?

Many people appreciate the well-being effects of CBD infused food and drinks. Although there is still much research to do, lots of people feel calmer after ingesting CBD. It’s reported to reduce anxiety and stress and can help with sleep.

Depending on your individual metabolism, you’ll normally start to experience the effects of CBD drinks in around 30 to 90 minutes.

Benefits of CBD in drinks

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may also reduce discomfort associated with arthritis, MS, and chronic pain. From sports recovery to addiction recovery, CBD is frequently championed for its physical and mental benefits. While studies are ongoing, there seems to be plenty of science-backed evidence to suggest that CBD can be incredibly beneficial.

As previously mentioned, CBD drinks can be an excellent way to ingest the ingredient, as you can incorporate it into your daily routine and always be aware of your dosage.

Shop at Cheerful Buddha

For CBD coffee that not only contains top-quality CBD but also tastes delicious, take a look at our range of whole bean and ground CBD coffee. We also stock naturally-flavoured Chocolate & Hazelnut, Citrus, and Mint CBD oral drops that are fantastic for adding to your favourite drinks throughout the day.

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