Luxury, handcrafted 'Bean to Bar' CBD infused Dark Chocolate

Cheerful Buddha's single origin, CBD infused, artisan made 73% dark chocolate

Bean to Bar CBD Infused Dark Chocolate (Natural)
£9.95 GBP
Bean to Bar CBD Infused Dark Chocolate (Mint)
£9.95 GBP
Bean to Bar CBD Infused Dark Chocolate (Orange)
£9.95 GBP

How to enjoy our CBD chocolate

Why buy our CBD Chocolate?

Inspired by the restorative effects of Hemp plants, Cheerful Buddha wanted to create something which allowed you to enjoy the health-enhancing properties of CBD in delicious and easy-to-consume edibles.

We think that chocolate is one of the best things to nibble on, which is why we had to create our luxury CBD chocolate : the first of its kind, this single-origin 73% dark chocolate uses cocoa beans sustainably sourced from the only cocoa plantation in Seram Island, Indonesia.

This gives our CBD chocolate a unique taste like no other: using fairtrade chocolate, grown from one region alone, gives our CBD chocolate a distinctively nutty flavour profile, with undertones of deep and fruity dried fruits and a subtly spiced aroma. Don’t worry - although our raw chocolate has been infused with the highest quality of CBD oil, it won’t come with any of those earthy flavours found in the hemp plant itself. made in partnership with a leading chocolatier in the UK, our CBD chocolate delivers decadent cocoa flavours, whilst leaving you feeling relaxed and satisfied. The perfect treat to add into your daily routine.

Ethical CBD Chocolate

At Cheerful Buddha, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and appreciate our responsibility as a company to sustainably source our ingredients. That’s why our fairtrade chocolate is palm oil free, and uses cocoa beans which have been ethically farmed.

Seram Single-Estate Chocolate plantation works closely with the local community to help improve their way of life. This includes establishing clinic facilities, renovating churches and mosques, and funding schools. This plantation also has a diverse workforce, with 40% female employees.

Our raw chocolate is also free from refined sugars and emulsifiers, so you can ensure our CBD chocolate is free from any hidden nasties. In addition, our bean-to-bar chocolate is free from any animal products, making our CBD chocolate completely vegan-friendly. Whilst our vegan chocolate is infused with CBD oil, it has been rigorously lab tested to ensure it contains no detectable levels of THC, the substance which gets you ‘high.’ Instead, simply enjoy the restorative and soothing effects of CBD oil, without any unwanted side effects.

You can find our CBD Chocolate products on the shelves at Daylesford Organic, Holland & Barret, Darts Farm and many more.