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  • Are Cheerful Buddha’s CBD products legal in the UK?

    Yes. 100%. The entire supply chain of our CBD oil is certified and licensed under UK law. We pride ourselves on a transparent and trusted manufacturing process alongside the highest quality, natural ingredients. All Cheerful Buddha CBD coffee & chocolate is produced here in the UK and our CBD contains ‘non-detectable levels’ of all banned cannabinoids (such as THC) to within a scientific ‘limit of detection’ (“LOD”) defined as less than 0.01%.

    Essentially all our products are ‘THC free’ enabling use by athletes and other professionals and key workers that are regularly tested.

  • What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than 100 naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. It is often consumed as a food or health supplement.

  • Will drinking Cheerful Buddha CBD coffee make me high?

    Hemp-derived CBD oil does not contain the psychoactive ingredient THC - which is how people get ‘high’ from cannabis. Drinking Cheerful Buddha coffee will make you feel great and improve your wellness, but you will not get “stoned”.

  • Does Cheerful Buddha CBD coffee or chocolate taste, or smell of hemp?

    No. We have perfected our infusion and roasting technique which makes it difficult to detect the strong earthy scent or taste of raw CBD oil. In fact, because we use an organic MCT coconut oil to infuse our high-quality products, they taste even better and are loved by everyone.

  • Do you sell only coffee ground?

    No. Our beans are precision-infused with organic MCT coconut oil that carries our CBD and then roasted but come now finely ground or in whole beans. We have also recently launched our ‘Swiss Water’ decaffeinated CBD coffee.

  • What is the best way to make a brew of Cheerful Buddha CBD coffee?

    Cheerful Buddha comes as a versatile medium-grind ground coffee. It will work perfectly well in cafetières, stove-top percolators, barista-style coffee machines and also reusable coffee pods. You can enjoy it with your usual choice of cream or milk, dairy or plant-based, exactly the same as other coffees. Or go for it pure and black!

  • Can I cook with Cheerful Buddha CBD chocolate or coffee?

    Yes. Our chocolate and coffee have been used multiple times in delicious recipes can utilise CBD ingredients.

  • Is Cheerful Buddha’s CBD Coffee organic and ethically made?

    Our CBD oil is 100% organically certified and is produced here in the UK. Our coffee beans are Rain fForrest Alliance (“RFA”) certified and come from sustainable sources where we work closely with local farmers and the supply chain, to ensure we maintain our ethical credentials.

  • Why is the CBD coffee blend Colombian?

    We decided to salute our founder’s Colombian heritage and because Colombia’s coffee is world-renowned for its flavour and unmistakable mild but rich aroma. Our coffee contains incredible ingredients throughout.

  • Is Cheerful Buddha CBD coffee age restricted?

    The Cannabis Trade Association UK guidelines state that products made with CBD oil should be kept out of reach of children. Children do not usually like the taste of coffee. We are a luxury beverage clearly aimed at an adult audience.

  • Is it gluten free?

    Yes. Coffee is naturally gluten-free however it can be contaminated during blending and grinding. We have worked hard to ensure that our entire production process is 100% gluten-free and there is no risk of contamination. Our coffee can be enjoyed by everyone.

  • How should I dispose of my used grounds?

    The same as usual. CBD coffee grounds can be put into food recycling bins, composted, or used as an exfoliator in homemade beauty products.

  • Is there a laxative effect from CBD coffee?

    No more than any other coffee. Cheerful Buddha will have the same effect on your digestive system as your usual coffee of choice does. It is true that some people do experience a laxative effect from coffee - but CBD infused coffee has no additional impact on this.

  • Can I order either the coffee or the chocolate in bulk?

    Yes. Our website allows consumers to purchase single packs, or in multiples of up to three and five. Trade customers can purchase Cheerful Buddha coffee in batches of 10, 50 or greater.

    To find out more, speak with our team at Cheerful Buddha -

To find out more, speak with our team at Cheerful Buddha -