About Cheerful Buddha

Our founder Claudia is quite a spiritual person, and whilst she is not a practising Buddhist, she does have a great respect for the Buddha’s principles. Buddha represents peace, love and a positive existence. Our coffee aims to make people feel good, and improve overall wellbeing - which ultimately makes us all feel happier. ‘Cheerful Buddha' also contains the letters ‘CBD'

The company aims to bring best in class to the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil market in the UK & Europe and to be one of the first companies to provide high quality CBD beverages and edibles.

Our current ‘Love & Wellness’ offering includes delicious aromatic ‘CBD infused’ coffee. The Cheerful Buddha website also hopes to educate people as to the wonders of a plant human civilisation has cultivated for thousands of years.

All of our products are 100% natural and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Our cannabinoid extracts are of the highest quality produced by one of the very few Home Office licensed Cannabis Sativa (industrial hemp) growers.

Every batch of Cheerful Buddha cannabidiol is extracted using gold standard supercritical CO2 extraction. It is then tested and certificated by one of the most sophisticated CBD testing lab facilities in the UK.

Each Cheerful Buddha product infused with CBD oil is manufactured with a Laboratory batch number that can be cross referenced to CBD oil lab certificates present on the Cheerful Buddha website.

This is an industry first and is of the highest standards of transparency. CBD is magnificent as long as you are consuming oil of the highest quality and safety profile. Our hemp derived CBD oils are all Gluten free, non-GMO, Organic and Lactose Free.