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Step 1. Say yes to Coffee with a twist

Coffee is full of natural antioxidants, can increase energy levels and performance, and even boost the metabolism. It’s also thought that the aroma of coffee alone can make one feel good!

So, as life becomes more demanding, most people understandably rely on coffee to support daily energy levels and mental performance. However, not all coffee is created equal – the taste, sustainability, and the feeling one's left with after its effects have worn off – it's still unusual to find a coffee blend that excels in all of these areas.

With the addition of a few powerful sustainably-sourced natural ingredients, caffeine-related energy crashes can finally become a thing of the past, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality cup of coffee with no compromise on taste or quality!


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Try this – Coffee & CBD

How does CBD support wellbeing?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is not just a plant-extract, but also naturally produced by the human body.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body has two main receptors, CB1 and CB2, which studies have shown to be instrumental to the body running smoothly. CB1 receptors are found particularly in the brain and co-ordinate emotions, mood, thinking and memory. CB2 receptors are common in the immune system and affect inflammation and pain.

However, when under a lot of consistent daily stress, the health of the endocannabinoid system may start to degrade. That is when taking CBD, which is believed to attach to these receptors to optimise their function, can help to bring the endocannabinoids in the body fighting back again!


Why CBD and coffee make a great team


✔CBD supports a focused and happy mind

✔CBD further enhances mental performance AND evens out some of the common negative effects (e.g., overstimulation, unrestfulness, exacerbation of morning anxiety) most people experience when drinking coffee.

  • ✔CBD promotes feelings of relaxation without affecting energy levels, which makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to maintain an active lifestyle and reach their maximum performance jitters-free.
  • The benefits of CBD are experienced when taken every day because, like all cannabinoids, it builds up in the body over time.
  • ✔CBD-infused coffee is a delicious and time-saving way to have CBD as part of an active lifestyle.
  • ✔CBD is metabolised more slowly through coffee, producing a powerful and long lasting effect!

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Try This – Coffee & Functional Mushrooms

  • Mushroom coffee doesn’t use your usual Chestnut, Shiitake or Portobello (Yes, you can save these for the good old English breakfast!).
    Instead, it harnesses the nutritional power of ‘functional mushrooms’, which can support several areas of a healthy body:


memory, focus & concentration

Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to enhance brain function and nurture a happy mind


support for the immune system

Chaga mushrooms are full of vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants that support the body



Reishi mushrooms’ dynamic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have been tied to improved longevity as well as immunity

The mild, earthy taste of functional mushrooms adds an extra depth for a satisfying drinking experience.
Mushroom coffee also tends to have a lower caffeine content than regular coffee, making it a good choice if you get a bit jittery after too many espressos!
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Try This – Coffee & long-revered Superfoods


Replacing regular coffee with a superfood-boosted cup of joy won't only add more pleasure & taste to the day, but also help support overall health and wellbeing.



Coffee blends boosted with superfoods can help support several health goals:


Cacao is one of the richest sources of antioxidants and nutrients such as copper, magnesium, and iron which contribute to

immunity, cognition and a healthy energy-yielding metabolism.


Ashwagandha, also known as ‘Indian Ginseng’ and ‘Winter Cherry’, is an ancient medicinal plant

which can help the body cope with physical and emotional stress.


MCT coconut oil is thought to improve energy levels by activating the metabolism.

This makes it a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to stay in good shape  through a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.


Cinnamon, a invigorating and warming spice, is believed to help maintain healthy digestion and combat sugar cravings.

Regardless of the coffee brewing method used, CBD, mushroom or superfoods infused coffee is guaranteed to deliver pleasure in every sip, and help one feel energised, yet calm and pampered.

It can be enjoyed with cream or milk, dairy or plant-based, exactly the same as regular coffees. Or even pure and black!

Step 2. Say yes to chocolate with a twist

Can you enjoy a rich & satisfying chocolate bar with no compromise on your health goals?


Not many feelings compare with the rewarding sensation you're left with after enjoying a chocolate bar that's full of contrasts – nutty, mildly spicy and with fruit acidity. So delicious that you can barely resist reaching for yet another square. But can you give course to your daily chocolate cravings yet stay healthy?

The answer is a strong YES!

How to pick a chocolate bar that's better-for-you?


✔Try CBD-infused chocolate – CBD oil adds up to the energising properties of chocolate, while also leaving you feeling relaxed and calm. CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits, meaning that you'll support an active lifestyle with every bite of CBD-infused chocolate!


Look for dark chocolate options - Subtly bitter and robust, their taste is long-lasting & satisfying


✔ If a flavoured bar tickles your fancy, pick one that includes no artificial flavourings. Natural essential oils such as peppermint and orange add a delicious touch to chocolate.


✔Choose ethically-sourced & hand-crafted chocolate – this will guarantee that the chocolate is consistently of the highest quality, free from pesticides, and also created with a clear conscience.


✗Watch out for palm-oil,  milk, refined white sugar and artificial sweeteners as they could have an inflammatory effect on the body  

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Step 3. Say yes to a delicious superfood drink!

It's not unusual at all to turn to coffee or a sugary when feeling tired or peckish. Yet, if these are not chosen wisely, they rarely serve their purpose and can even have the opposite effect, leaving one feeling exhausted and ravenous!

How to satisfy a sweet tooth & nourish the body at once

Versatile and naturally bursting with nutrients, superfood blends will support a healthy body. They taste delicious and can be used to make either hot or cold drinks, as well as in baking, smoothies and shakes!

For convenience, we recommend picking a blend that combines several superfoods every day to support overall health:

Functional Mushrooms

Chaga - for a healthier immune system

Reishi - for a caffeine-free energy boost

Lion's Mane - for increased focused


Cacao - rich natural chocolate taste, antioxidant , cognition and immunity supporting properties


Matcha - to promote alertness without the jitters and to fight against oxidative stress


Ashwagandha - adapts to individual body needs including energy, sleep and stress management


Cinnamon and Lucuma - for a delicious & satisfying, yet nourishing flavour boost


Turmeric - for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits


Coconut Milk - vegan and delicious, it adds smoothness and a boost of healthy fats to foods & drinks

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