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Kick Start Your Morning With CBD Coffee

CBD infused coffee is a little bit more than your normal cup. Made from CBD infused coffee beans, our coffee offers an invigorating taste that is perfect for that early start and late night. Its smooth and lightly spiced taste is the perfect recipe for those coffee lovers out there who may be looking at healthier options.

Woman smiling at home drinking CBD coffee and surrounded by plants”

Cheerful Buddha's CBD infused coffee has a fine quality and smooth taste. When you drink our coffee in the morning, the fruity and lightly spiced taste is the perfect way to start your day.

Sourced using only green beans that are certified by the Rain Forest Alliance, our CBD coffee has a wonderful aroma. The coffee has been finely ground, making it suitable for cafetières, filter coffees, and espresso.

Cannabidiol coffee is made from cannabidiol, which is one of the natural compounds known as cannabinoids. These are found in the cannabis plant.

How to make the perfect CBD infused coffee

1. Start with purchasing a CBD infused coffee from Cheerful Buddha.

2. Make sure you use fresh cold water. Chilled, pure spring water enhances the flavour throughout the process of brewing.

3. For the perfect coffee, we recommend you use two tablespoons (not heaped) of CBD infused coffee for every 180 ML of water. If you want a stronger coffee, you can add an additional tablespoon.

4. Once you’re ready, simply brew your CBD infused coffee and enjoy.

CBD infused coffee is the perfect way to kickstart your day, so order yours from Cheerful Buddha today.

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