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What Does Hemp Infused Coffee Do?

What does hemp infused coffee do

The past year has seen hemp become a massive trend in health and lifestyle, and one of the most popular ways to dabble with this trend is hemp-infused coffee. Many experts have noted hemp, and its counterpart CBD’s ability to aid sleep, relieve pain and reduce anxiety, but what does hemp-infused coffee actually do?

What is hemp?

Hemp is a product of the Cannabis Sativa plant, and hemp oil comes from the seeds of food grain strains of hemp. Hemp oil is a little different from CBD oil, as CBD comes from the stalks, leaves and flowers of a hemp plant. Hemp and CBD are non-psychoactive plants unlike their outlawed sister THC.

A more pleasant coffee experience

One of the key reasons that hemp-infused coffee has become so popular is that many of the properties associated with hemp and CBD are known to balance out the negative effects of caffeine. Coffee has been known to overstimulate the brain and body, especially strong roasts – leading to coffee-induced jitters. However, hemp and especially CBD’s relaxing properties help to even out the stimulation to provide a more comfortable experience. Coffee is also a great way to make sure you incorporate Hemp/CBD into your daily routine.

Increased relaxation

Many studies have been done on CBD and its potential to ease anxiety, so far proving that it promotes feelings of relaxation and calm. This is great for those who experience anxiety after drinking coffee. A CBD infused coffee can provide an efficient burst of energy without jitters, helping your productivity throughout the day.

Improve cognitive function

Many choose to drink coffee throughout the day for a boost in concentration and focus. However, studies have shown CBD to also have a positive effect on focus. Furthermore, many scientists are researching the effects of hemp on brain health. The studies that have been done so far show that CBD has the potential to prevent future memory loss and cognitive decline. Not only could CBD coffee improve focus immediately, but it could help your brain stay healthy over time too.

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